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YOUR CONSULTANT IS Maurita & Scott Tollestrup 780.978.6590

My Story

Hi Everyone, I'm Maurita. I live in Alberta, Canada, I’m a wife, momma to 4 & avid Pinterest fan. I never thought I would ever do direct sales. I had this vision in my mind of what that looked like and it definitely wasn’t for me….funny how life turns out, because now I can’t imagine my life without my Scentsy business.

A little about me: I graduated with a degree in Recreation Management. I actually went to university to learn how to throw a great party. Little did I know that I would actually “party” for my career. {I do a great PARTY!! Lets book one for you!!!}

 After graduating I landed my dream job at a recreation facility, working as an Aquatic and Marketing Manager. After several years, and 2 littles at home, I asked myself "who do I want teaching values to my children?” I knew that person was me and stepped down from a job I loved to take care of the people I loved. Then Scentsy came to Canada and my new job began.

It has taken me a few years to share why I joined Scentsy. Truthfully I was embarrassed by our situation and didn't realize the CHALLENGE we faced presented us with an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. We had recently closed our trucking company and filed for bankruptcy. Because we had guaranteed loans and used our personal credit cards to make sure our accounts and employees were paid, we also had to claim personal bankruptcy.

A DESPERATE situation! I needed to help change the future of our family & still stay at home with our children, now 4 kids = 6, 4, 2 and 1-month-old.  I decided to join Scentsy. I knew we didn’t have a lot of money to invest, but I had time, determination & passion on my side. & starting my own home business gave me the chance to dream again.

That was 9 years ago. This has become my true DREAM JOB. I get to work from home. But unexpectedly, Scentsy has given my husband and I lifelong friendships and the opportunity to explore exciting all-expense paid destination around the globe: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, Amsterdam, Belguim, Cancun, a Bahamas Cruise, family trip to Disney World in Florida, and this year a 7 day Cruise of the Mediterranean. It was a fantastic trip -- We were pickpocketed in Barcelona (true story) and saw the works of Picasso, drove scooters around the island of Mallorca, enjoyed the markets in Marseilles, wandered the Cinque Terre in Italy, saw the Roman Colosseum, threw pennies in the Trevi Fountain, and ate the most delicious pizza in Naples, Italy. The reality is BIGGER than I could of ever dream of those years before.

I have been blessed in my Scentsy business to grow an organization that allows me to work with hundreds of consultants around the globe, in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This business can fit into anyone’s lifestyle. It lets us dreams and create opportunities to write our own unique stories.

 My story is not unique, there are thousands of people creating their own Side Hustle to further their finances, travel, help with family finances or prepare for their retirement, college, weddings, buy their dream home. Why not you. I'd love to chat and talk about what Scentsy can offer you -- and how you can find a fit with Scentsy.

780.978.6590 text -- Maurita